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In the Classroom

The Weymouth Pines Classical Academy K-12 curriculum will be content-rich, balanced, and strong, with emphasis upon the core academic disciplines of verbal proficiency, math, literature, history, science, civics; and the study of Latin; as well as the fine arts and physical education.

An orderly environment requiring decorum and scholarship will be maintained. Students will wear


Instruction materials include the Hirsch Core Knowledge program, the Literacy Essentials phonics/grammar-based reading and English language mastery program, the Singapore Math program; classic children’s literature, and The Great Books.


Instruction methods include direct teacher instruction in classrooms, no digital device usage in lower school, limited digital device usage in upper school, and use of original sources.

To cultivate the whole person, we will encourage extracurricular activities, keeping in mind that
schoolwork comes first. To facilitate this priority, we will provide a homework session at the end of each school day.

All students will be trained in study skills including organization and note-taking.

Specialization for a successful career is an important pursuit; however, we believe that narrowing students’ focus vocationally before building a context of their  heritage robs students of the foundation necessary  for a fulfilled life, whatever their career path. In  grades 9-12, vocational training options may be  offered. 

Supplemental tutoring will be provided as needed. The innocence of all children will be protected.


Parental rights will be respected.  


Lower School: 

Upper School: 

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