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The Ten Governing Principles Basic to the Hillsdale American Classical Education Model

1. The centrality of the Western tradition in the study of history, literature, math, science, philosophy, and fine arts.


2. A rich and recurring examination of the American literary, moral, philosophical, political, and historical traditions.

3. The use of explicit phonics instruction leading to reading fluency, and the use of explicit grammar instruction leading to English language mastery.

4. The teaching of Latin.

5. The acknowledgment of objective standards of correctness, logic, beauty, weightiness, and truth intrinsic to the liberal arts.

6. A school culture demanding moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among students and faculty.

7. A curriculum which is content-rich, balanced, and strong across the core disciplines of literature, history, math, and


8. A faculty of well-educated and articulate teachers who convey real knowledge using traditional teaching methods rather than “student-centered learning” methods.

9. A school which uses technology effectively but without diminishing the faculty leadership which is crucial to academic achievement; and

10. A school with a plan to serve grades K through 12, although the grades at school opening may be scaled back if reasonable.

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